You're Still A Mystery. Like a River Runs Lyrics: 8. New up-and-comers Bleachers, headed by fun. The album deals with 1: The Early Years 1963-1967 [Box Set], Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by, Hey, I hear the voice of a preacher from the back room If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. “Take Me Away” is just a reprise of “Wild Heart”, it probably should've just stayed that way. Strange Desire by Bleachers is an album of what can best be described concisely as epic ballad pop music. Upon listening to Bleachers’ debut, Strange Desire, it’s difficult to believe that this is a one man band.Jack Antonoff, the lead guitarist of the ever famous indie-pop group Fun., slowly put the album together while on tour – but has made a point of stating that he intends to remain a part of the band for as much of the foreseeable future as possible. All Creatures Great and Small (2021): Season 1, Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. Format: CD, Year: 2014, Label: RCA (307166), Length: 39:03. I could tell right after listening to I Wanna Get Better that Bleachers was a band that I needed to follow. I Wanna Get Better Lyrics: 3. Generally favorable reviews The lyrics are emotionally ripped bloody, but they're not over the top and are easy to relate to, especially if you had a rough time in high school. Jack Antonoff’s newest project as a solo artist—under the name Bleachers—is an all-too-real escape from the filtered buoyancy produced by his other band, Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff’s desire to take his talents solo on this side project. Jack Antonoff made an incredible record and I thank him for making me a fan of his music and love. Followed a dream and a strange desire You picked me up in the dead of the night And gave me a chance to move on inside of your mystery Maybe I don't need to understand Why your love is such mystery [x2] Want to give you something better than I've been I discovered the band Bleachers in the spring of 2014, several months before the release of Strange Desire, due to their single I Wanna Get. For a very energetic debut, Antonoff still leaves much room for improvement, however, created something that is truly unusual in this day and age and deserves to be treated as so. I Wanna Get Better - Live in Boston Lyrics: 4. 11 ... that put his contemporaries' offerings to shame, Strange Desire is a pretty great debut with a lot going for it. Take Me Away. guitarist and Steel Train frontman Jack Antonoff recently dropped their debut album Strange Desire. Bleachers – You're Still A Mystery Lyrics. Lyrically, Strange Desire isn't great. or never did with Steel Train is create an album that inspires as much as it transports. Strange Desire ~ Release by Bleachers (see all versions of this release, 2 available) guitarist and Steel Train frontman Jack Antonoff recently dropped their debut album Strange. Bleachers – Like A River Runs Lyrics from album: Strange Desire (2014) I woke up thinking you were still here Wild Heart Lyrics Bleachers Strange Desire. Strange Desire, the album that Antonoff has made with his new project Bleachers, arises from this desire to make sure you know, in detail, their whole deal, like it or not. After listening to Strange Desire I have a better understanding of the concept of love and what it feels like to love and lose, or to be able to put your self out there for all to see. Bleachers delivers a fine, enjoyable debut effort with Strange Desire. I Wanna Get Better: 5. Most of the lyrics on this album are meant to be fun-loving and carefree, so I can't bash the lyrics too hard. I trace the faith to a broken down television. Like A River Runs. You're Still a Mystery Lyrics: 7. Wild Heart 4. I Wanna Get Better - Live in Boston: 8. Reckless Love: 11. Reckless Love Lyrics: 9. Reckless Love. Lyrics to Rollercoaster by Bleachers from the Strange Desire [LP] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! album: "Strange Desire" (2014) Wild Heart. Lyrics to 'Reckless Love' by Bleachers. Filled with art-pop icon collaborations, light bouncy tunes, and two drummers, Antonoff digs deep into some very intricate feelings with the use of 80s synths. The first full length album, Strange Desire, released on July 15th, 2014. Bleachers (Pop) - Pandora. Rate this song's lyrics. Even the infectious energy of “Rollercoaster” can’t quite overcome a demo-like lack of polish that keeps the songs earthbound even as they reach higher. Klicke einfach auf einen der folgenden Titel, um dir dir den entsprechenden Songtext anzeigen zu lassen oder drücke den Play Button, um dir einen Ausschnitt des jeweiligen Songs anzuhören: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Zeige deinen Freunden, dass dir Strange Desire gefällt: Finde Musiker anhand ihres Anfangsbuchstabens: Finde Alben anhand ihres Anfangsbuchstabens: Finde Songtexte anhand ihres Anfangsbuchstabens: Bei Fragen, Anregungen oder Kritik kannst du gerne Kontakt zu uns aufnehmen. Critic Reviews Most of the lyrics on this album are meant to be fun-loving and carefree, so I can't bash the lyrics too hard. This album would have fit perfectly in 1987! I can't wait for more from Bleachers! Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Strange Desire - Bleachers on AllMusic - 2014 - Coming off his huge successes as a member of fun. I Wanna Get Better - Demo Version: 7. Wild Heart Video: They closed the parkway late last night And as I sat with the echoes of lies that I told I felt young never change my crooked heart So put your shotgun back in the … You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Jack Antonoff Of Bleachers Talks Strange Desire And Yoko Ono Eating Christmas Cookies In The Studio And why hearing your song on the radio is … Rollercoaster. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. Wake Me Lyrics: 10. But the bright ideas keep coming like mosquitoes at a backyard BBQ. Like a River Runs: 10. Most of the lyrics are about teenage love, and the problems and drama resulting from it. Shadow. Antonoff may be popular but his songwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Like A River Runs lyrics belongs on the album Strange Desire.Learn every word of your favourite song and get the meaning or start your own concert tonight :-). Jack Antonoff has figured out how to write an album all by himself. This album would have fit perfectly in 1987! Uploaded by Retha.Use it for personal and educational purposes only. Who I Want You To Love. It’s so sure and precise in its vision that it almost feels like a concept album without a concept. I immediately looked up the release date of Strange Desire and pre-ordered the deluxe copy, eager to listen to it when the summer release date finally came but upon that release day, after my first listen of the full album, I felt a little disappointed and that feeling only increased in its ferocity the more that I studied the songs on Strange Desire. Bleachers - Strange Desire (2014) MP3 256 kbit/s album free download ... .rar oder .zip Archiv-Download-Links von , .... Download Bleachers - Strange Desire (2014). Rollercoaster Lyrics: It was summer when I saw your face / Looked like a teenage runaway / Oh god I never thought we'd take it that far / Some killer queen you are / Now I'm running and I can't stop The debut album of Jack Antonoff’s solo outfit Bleachers, Strange Desire featured the singles I Wanna Get Better, Shadow, Like A River Runs, and Rollercoaster. Try disabling any ad blockers and refreshing this page. This is one of my favorite albums. Bleachers - I'm Ready to Move On / Wild Heart Reprise. Most of the lyrics are about teenage love, and the problems and drama resulting from it. Nothing else on Bleachers' debut quite reaches ["I Wanna Get Better's"] height, and enticing collaborations with art-pop heavies like Yoko Ono fall flat. Bleachers Strange Desire lyrics. Collaborations with big names like Yoko Ono and Grimes don't seem to meet the standard of other songs on this album which makes you question if handing the artistic reigns over to the woman who ruined the Beatles was truly a good idea albeit for, thankfully, only one song. Strange Desire is perhaps the fullest-sounding and most charismatic indie-pop album you’ll hear this year, just in time to become the defining sound of your summer. Below you can read the song lyrics of Like A River Runs by Bleachers, found in Album Strange Desire released by Bleachers in 2014. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The debut album from the pop-rock band Bleachers earned the new band plenty of attention, with the two popular songs "Rollercoaster" and "I, The debut album from the pop-rock band Bleachers earned the new band plenty of attention, with the two popular songs "Rollercoaster" and "I Wana Get Better." based on I Wanna Get Better - Demo Version Lyrics: 2. Lyrically, Strange Desire isn't great.
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